Thursday, July 15, 2021

New Schedule For Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast Moving Forward!

                I know I gave you guys a schedule and it's pinned to the top of the social medias, however with the amount of episodes to do to catch up, I schemed up this idea to put two of the podcasts together for February 2022 when Larry and I resume recording those next year. So in retrospective there is only about 5 Seasons to catch up with and this schedule is more then fair to be honest. Anyways it is just a loose schedule for right now and I will be getting more information but this is something we can follow right into December: 

Thursday, July 29th, 2021: Power Rangers SPD

Thursday, Oct 14th, 2021: Power Rangers Mystic Force

Thursday, Nov 4th, 2021 or Thursday, Nov 11th, 2021: Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

Thursday, Nov 25th, 2021: Power Rangers Jungle Fury

Thursday, Dec 9th, 2021: Power Rangers RPM

                 I know Samurai is not on the timetable for this year at this point and that is because I have decided to do the back to back with Samurai and Super Samurai as they usually go together as it is two seasons of the Samurai series. As we did with Mighty Morphin Power Rangers we will be doing them separate as we did with our original 3 podcasts if that makes any sense to you guys. This will go with Megaforce, Super Megaforce, Dino Charge, Super Dino Charge and so on. This gives me 2.5 months to finish up a pile of the podcasts and get into the others and ready for future podcasts with Larry. He agreed to this timetable change as he is my Co-Host and I think this makes it a lot easier for us to catch right back up with the seasons. I will talk to you all tomorrow morning!


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