Friday, December 10, 2021

End of The Week Updates [12-10-2021]

                  It is the end of the week and really not too many updates to report on which is an first as we usually have a ton to update you guys on and I think it is only two updates that Alexandra and I talked about but here are the updates:

Website: If and that is a big if Larry and I do record we will be doing some behind the scenes video for the On Demand feature on the website and activate it sooner then we expected. If we don't we plan to do we still will do a video explaining why we didn't do the podcast and the replacement schedule for the new year to how we are going to be recording the next 3 before we're off for a few months while we anticipate the next one.

Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast: I continue to work on RPM and working on this podcast and I already told you guys there is no guarantee on the podcast next week as we are not going to promise something that cannot be made but again we will see how things go. I know I made a timetable but that could change. However if I do get it done by Monday then I will be sending the notes out to Larry Monday and hopefully either before Eric or see if he don't mind popping by the mail place so I can mail it out but I will try to have it done before I meet up with him. Also you guys are asking where's the collab? Where's the collab? I'm talking about the 2 other collabs still awaiting editing and posting up and that is coming up soon, I promise!

            Anyways that is all we have for the updates and we're sorry for lack of updates. Been a very stressful and depressing week for me and I am still trying to keep in good spirits and yesterday night I was in a bit of a better mood last night as I worked on the collab late and getting farther in the notes. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and small note to add to this post is I left Wednesday's blog schedule on my board for next week empty as that will be the announcement day whether I finished it or not or that could also be a day for the weight loss. I may be switching things around but till Monday, have a great weekend!


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