Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Broken Promises and What Should I've Done...

          The last year has been very tough on me both personally and professionally. Now as you know The CBOTW Show did not finish the season cause of the podcast not getting edited when asked to and to be honest, I am better on my own. This is why website and even friend and fellow podcaster pointed out this this website has my name on, it is my brand and their right about it. I have to remember that too. And to be honest I am tired of broken promises not getting things done when it comes to podcasts and I am just ready to get things done on my own pace and I just have to worry about myself in the end, Larry and Alexandra which they know what they need to do on a daily basis. 

                 The other part of keeping breaking promises is my recent site admin quitting on me. Yeah, I wasn't happy about this as things were flowing very well with the two of us and they get up and quit after being promised they would stay on for a long time and now been doubting things but I shouldn't doubt. I should of ended Everything About Reality TV Podcast at the end of 2019 with a final recap episode then taken a year off but I will get into that in the next 2 episodes of Entertainment Man Podcast. However I wish promises weren't broken and I was disappointed but I think I made a few mistakes that I cannot change but more coming. I am going to focus on the two podcasts for now and not add any other collaboration podcasts for right now. That is my post for this morning, I will talk to you all this afternoon at 1 pm EST for a second post to make up for yesterday of having no blog post whatsoever.


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