Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Gaming Updates [12-14-2021]

                   Another gaming update is here as I have made some progress with the video game world and I am sure there will be more with me having a little more time on my hands and I plan on finish up working on things but here are the gaming updates:

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth/After-Birth: Recently I did a run with Maggie or Magleglene and I fought the Angel to get the key and I believe I fought two of them at once and won on both of them and got a key. I went and won against Mom and Mom's heart on the game going into Sheold and of course I won against Sheold and was an epic win. I unlocked some things and it was a great finish to a run with Maggie. Now I need to work on other characters and I plan on that moving forward. I may do Cain run next, we'll see!

Minecraft: I do not have pictures but I got the Village rebuilt in some of the areas and it looks quite epic and I have evened out the dirt pile and the openings of the end of the pathways for the village have been blocked off so the villagers do not wander about which I have had already thanks to a creeper blew up the window and was a castrophe of villagers wandering around and I had to dirt up or cover up the window and kill the villagers that escaped so I had a couple of em wonder around and luckily I got wall put in or it would of been me chasing em. 

Fornite: I played Fornite Solos and I actually got 6th place in Solos. That is the furthest I have gotten on the game. When I first played it originally I stunk, I did so bad and I ended up just quitting all together and my original name ChrisBOnTheWeb, I do not know if it still exists or not but I tried to login but no luck so I have my other account. 

              Anyways that is the post for today and I hope you enjoyed it and been holding on to all this news and development and have done a lot in the way of gaming. Now tomorrow's post and Thursdays post, I do not know what the plan is for tomorrow and Thursday. Everything is up in the air, got topics but not sure what day is what with the 2 posts so it is a surprise for you guys and a surprise for me too! I will talk to you all tomorrow morning.


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