Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Power Rangers RPM Collab is A Go!

                 After a struggling last week, Power Rangers RPM Collab is a go. Larry has recieved the podcast notes after I sent them out late on Monday afternoon on my day out with Eric I am happy that we are recording and we are still on schedule for the catch up schedule and we will be ready for January/February recording and we remain on track for 2022 and to keep up on our schedule moving as right now we are not planning for him to return to the studio to start recording the podcast in person as of yet. I know there was a lot of doubt it was going to happen and this kind of was a last minute finish and I cannot do that moving forward with future collaboration podcasts, I have to be done just little less then a week before to send to my Senior Producer & Co-Host.

                  As for when it will be up, I am working on editing the other collab podcasts right now, like I said there is a backlog of episodes right now which isn't good to be quite honest. However the future is bright and I am sure I will catch up with editing and getting it thrown up on the website eventually. When I say I am going to deliver on something, I do it not like when The CBOTW Show was still around and yes I am throwing a little shade to the former podcast cause you guys know and I know that was a mistake and a half bringing it back but that is irrelevant to this post. I am happy that RPM is a go tomorrow and one step closer to Samurai and Super Samurai in February and that special episode in January. There will be more information on the special episode in January. Anyways that is my post today, I will talk to you all tomorrow on a post and I have already changed the topic for it.


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