Thursday, December 16, 2021

Showing a Bit of Bitterness Right Now...

                First and foremost, I am not calling anyone out on this-- This is more leaning towards the podcast and the podcast only. To be quite honest, it was an honest mistake bringing it back. I shouldn't let anyone talk me into anything if I do not feeling. In the end it is my decision in the end and the fact I wanted out of Reality TV Podcasts at the end of 2019, I should of just just left it and if I did, The CBOTW Show wouldn't had come back and Entertainment Man Podcast which you guys know and love dearly would have more then 69 episodes under the belt. Yeah I am bitter towards The CBOTW Show coming back. Just putting more stress on myself then I need. Power Rangers Collab Podcast wasn't suppose to be a part of that podcast, it's a stand alone podcast for Yeah I am defending the collab as I should be. It's Larry's and I project, nobody elses.

                 Now camera man wise from The Video Projects Team, I regret having the camera man I had in 2009. I had one of my other staff in mind for the camera position. A lot of regrets with The Video Projects Team and I think I am going to open up about that on the podcast in the very nearby future with this actual topic. I think have it listed on the podcast next year as camera man roulette.  I have a bit of bitterness to the past but yet again the past is the past and I cannot really change that now. All I can do at this point is move forward with what I am doing and just remember the good times. The other day I was watching clips from my old series and laughing my head off especially with my stupidity at times. Good times! That is my post for today, I hope you guys enjoyed this and I will talk to you all tomorrow.


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