Thursday, May 27, 2021

Gaming Updates [05-27-2021]

                 It is time for more gaming updates and it is just two games I have been working on a few things since my last update on the villagers build being completed which I have not yet been to as of yet.  I wanna start with Minecraft as I have started a new project. First I had to temporarily take down trees so I can dig a hole in the ground so we can install the jail cells below the ground this add a ceiling then put the dirt back on top so it looks like it never happened at one point.

Also my nephew wanted me to actually build a tower and I did, I built it just above the top of the dome which breaches the outside world but the purpose of it was because he wanted to make sure any raiders stay out of our little universe in that dome so that is the reason behind the tower. I still gotta work on the railway that goes out behind the Office Building and buildings in general but that will definitely be in due time and probably the next project on the go for us moving forward. There is always something to do in this game and that is what matters.

                Moving into one other game, The Binding of Isaac After Birth + I once again somehow managed to get Ipecac which is explosion shots which is awesome really but I thought originally I already unlocked this but maybe the fact I have the DLC After Birth + installed on the computer is why and everything relocked itself so I had to open it up again by beating mom's heart at the very end of the game which opened Ipecac which is nice but hard time getting the item no matter how many times I die in the game or reset being holding "R" button down to reset it so I'm not sure if it's just luck and it will be time till it does happen, it is luck of the draw. 


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