Friday, May 28, 2021

Looking Into The Future of Everything ChrisBOnTheWeb!

                   As you know the studio has been locked down for over a year now and with everyone getting vaccinated including myself my family and I, starting to think about the future. No I'm not shutting down whatsoever as there has been some rumors but I can say I am going nowhere, I am on a very strong run right now and things are getting back on track especially with Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast getting it's foot back into the door. Anyways with that podcast and also Entertainment Man Podcast to be returning on June 20th, 2021 which I may as well thrown in a shameless plug of my personal podcast (LOL!) I have really started thinking about the future of my content, blogs, podcasts, videos and events. I am going to split this up into 4 sections today:

     1. Blogs: The 5 days a week blog posts will be continuing on as always, I have no plans really to move back into a daily blog post grind at this point and maybe when events eventually return which I will get into shortly about doing the odd Sunday post from time to time when I do events but I will talk more about this in a bit.

      2. Podcasts: Now the next part of this post is the podcasts. As most of you know I am vaccinated with one dose of the Vaccine and getting ready for dose # 2 in August and same with my parents as well and my Co-Host Larry has had his first dose thanks to my help getting setup with that as I helped him out on that. Once things open up again, we're all vaccinated and I am able to open the studio especially to Larry, Eric, Justin, etc for guest spots, interviews, Power Rangers Podcast, I am going to require their vaccinated is one, 2) Sanitize when you are enter the studio. However this is later when things are safer to having my friends over again but I am thinking futuristically. 

       3. Videos: I plan on more videos and I have one archives ready for the website this weekend as I forgot to upload this weekend at some point but next week I am going to be doing some behind the scenes on Anniversary Day for the collab so please stay tuned for that!

       4. Events: Right now, I am not EVEN thinking about events right now! No way Jose as Michelle Tanner from Full House would say. When I start going to events again it will only be locally here in my region that's it. No Toronto whatsoever, not taking the risk at all with that. Think it just better to remain safe at the start,

            There is the post for today, hope you guys enjoyed it and have a great weekend and remember a video is going up on the website tomorrow that I did well over a week ago, so enjoy that and talk to you all Monday!


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