Monday, May 31, 2021

Changes With My Management Team

                      As you guys know, I have a Management Team and it was bigger but has shrunken in half from 4 to 2 as one quit and the other one was let go but it is business as usual. The Management Team I have left is:

Matt, Site Admin

Jasmine, Senior Advisor

                      Now you wanna know who is going to answer what on my Social Media and here is the list:

Facebook- You can message 3 of us on the group:

Me (Chris) Admin

Matt Moderator

Jasmine Moderator

Twitter- 2 have access to my Twitter and that is 2 of us:

Me (Chris)

Matt Via Twitter Teams as Matt has his own Twitter Account

Instagram- 1 have access to my Instagram:

Me (Chris)

Email- 2 Have Access to the E-Mail of mine:

Me (Chris) 


Blog- Finally 2 of us have access to the blog here on

Me (Chris) 


Have a great rest of your day and sorry for the lengthy post! 


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