Monday, May 24, 2021

What's The Plan This Week?

            There is a ton of stuff to do this week for me and ChrisBOnTheWeb and In this blog I will outline what is lined up for this weekend but be aware you may see me up at odd ends of the night as I have been trying my hardest to stay up later to get my sleep fixed as right now I am up at 12 am EDT (Eastern Daylight Time). Anyways onto what the plan is this week:

- Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast: I have to edit out the episode of any of the dead air to ensure it is clearly ready to go for next week's episode to go up, however if I finish it sooner, I will be happily uploading it sooner. You see this episode is nearly 2 hours long so it will take me longer to edit this is why I chose to take a week to edit. Also planning out the 3rd Anniversary of this Collaboration Podcast. Also start working on Power Rangers SPD season watching the series.

- Entertainment Man Podcast: Entertainment Man Podcast well there has been a bit of a delay in production of this podcast with planning episodes and I have had to postpone the premiere date Sunday, June 20th, 2021 due to the re-upload schedule on the Audio ONLY RSS Feed. However now I have to start working on ideas and content and actual notes for episodes which is the upmost importance. 

- Website Video Content: I know, I know! No video on the website, well I am hoping to and I have the video but it did not go up, as I said on Social Media, I was off all weekend and I realize today is a holiday here in Ontario, May 2-4 weekend but working for the goodness sake of you guys today at some point. 

            The first step is SPD and editing that is definitely step # 1 then the other stuff I rambled about before. Second Step is SPD and Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast 3rd Anniversary then SPD and Entertainment Man Podcast  and the list goes on and off till their all slowly finished off and ready for production.  That is the plan this week and I hope you guys enjoy all the content throughout the week and the weekend. Myself and Matt will be around the socials, Me all 3 + e-mails and him Facebook and emails if you got any questions, we will be happy to answer em. Until tomorrow have a great rest of your day and Happy Victoria Day to all my fellow Canadians out there!


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