Friday, March 22, 2024

End of The Week Updates [04-22-2024]

              At least this week, I am ahead of schedule and I have the blog post out on time. Anyways there is a several updates to report to you all:

1) The first thing is Chris has been busy recording and editing this week. He recorded early week the Anxiety episode he wanted to talk about and is out and the most recent episode to date right now here on the website, other audio only platforms and of course YouTube

2) He recorded Power Rangers Dino Fury season 1 which should be done by today at the most. 

3) He had another interview, this time with David Hirsch which I am excited to hear as I heard it went very well. He's been busy editing everything and putting it together. 

4) Also he is working on season 2 now and hopes to have it done by Monday or Tuesday at the latest so he can work on and complete the 30th season, Cosmic Fury by end of next week so he can start working on Entertainment Man Podcast fully.

          Lots of work to be done and I continue to work on graphics when needed and answering the emails for him trying to cover him while he gets all this work done and I have a lot of faith he will get it done. That is the post for this week and I will speak to you all next Friday. 


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