Monday, March 25, 2024

What's My Role as COO (Chief Operating Officer?)

                  My job as Chief Operating Officer is the day to day operations online which means answering the emails, social media messages. I am also in charge of setting up the online events for the community whether it is on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/YouTube. I am in charge of the Discord server community so this way Chris doesn't have to stress out about running the Discord server on a day to day basis. 

          These are the basic jobs that I do as the first COO of ChrisBOnTheWeb Media but I also forgot to mention is that I will continue to do weekly end of the week updates as normally. Which I'd like to mention is moving to Saturdays according to our CEO of ChrisBOnTheWeb Media and he told me to mention that he will talk about it tomorrow on the blog but this change is effective immediately. I will talk to you guys on Saturday for the "End of The Week Updates" and thank you to Chris for the promotion and elevating me to COO, I love this community and being involved with such a wonderful community.

Kelsie, COO of ChrisBOnTheWeb Media

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