Friday, April 5, 2024

Post Power Rangers Podcast Check-in!

               Now with Power Rangers done and Power Rangers Podcast now on Hiatus for right now, I feel the sense of relief. I know you are shocked to hear this from me but now that it has wrapped up production I do not know what I will do with my time after editing is completed and I am currently working on it at this moment. It feels weird to not have to do anything now. I can work around other projects, I have a ton of Entertainment Man Podcast episodes I want to write and have done and ready and the list is pretty endless so I'd like to work on that for a while and it's not too much work but something on the list. 

               With being in post production, editing is taking place and we are working hard to get both the video and audio only and excited to be releasing these to you guys soon. I have handed off an episode to Kelsie to help out with the editing process to speed it up so it is ready to go. This is why we moved the Mean Girls Reboot to next week instead so gives us more time to work and edit but I am sure it will be done quickly. We edit at a good speed so it is done. Anyways that is the check-in blog and have a great weekend as Kelsie is doing the end of the week updates and I will talk to you all on Monday!


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