Saturday, April 6, 2024

End of the Week Updates [04-06-2024]

               A lot has gone on this week and let me start with podcasts, Entertainment Man Podcast has now reached 242nd episode which is amazing and big congratulations to Chris reaching that peak amount of episodes. As you know Chris and Larry have now completed Power Rangers Podcast, the editing process has begun and I have the honor to working on The CBOTW Show. I never thought he'd ask me to help and I feel privileged to help out. 

         So we continue to release and he has mentioned he will be working on Entertainment Man Podcast and is the next thing he is planning to work on next and excited to be working on these plans. Also something he didn't mention to you guys is he is going to pre-plan out The CBOTW Show with the Simpsons episodes he wants to cover on the podcast. He is planning on doing those. Also he wants to actually work and prepare these ahead of schedule before they are being recorded and posted. He wants to leave it open for now. That is everything I wanted to cover for today, enjoy your weekend and talk to you guys next week!


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