Friday, March 1, 2024

End of The Week Updates [03-01-2024]

             Hey everyone! 

             Happy 1st of March! Here are your updates: With both Sunday's and Wednesdays episode now complete for Entertainment Man Podcast, Chris can clearly sit back and watch Power Rangers Dino Fury which he has been doing lately. He hope to be done or close to done by today then if he finishes tomorrow he will start working on season 2 hoping to be finished by Tuesday this way him and Larry will most definitely have something to record for The CBOTW Show next Thursday. 

             Also we have had a bit of a influx of spam on our Discord server, so Chris has adjusted the bot to mute it too incase myself, Larry, Jim or himself do not get to timeout the perpetrator that is causing problems. Also I've added with his permission a spam corner and the bot has been disabled for that channel so you can spam away all you want but still the other rules like being respectful and what not still applies to that channel. Finally I want to thank everyone that's supported us whether it's Facebook, Twitter (X), Instagram, Threads, YouTube, Audio ONLY or even on our Discord, we appreciate your tireless support. I will talk to you all end of the next week, please enjoy your weekend. 


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