Thursday, February 29, 2024

Podcasts May Be Stressful but worth the long hours!

               Podcasting may be a lot of work from pre-production to production to post production it is a ton of work. However there is the technical side of the podcasting especially with a certain program named Skype that ChrisBOnTheWeb Media isn't using as a tool for our shows anymore. I will talk further on that on next Wednesday's episode for you guys on the future of guests and interviews with the podcast. Tech issues can happen and it happened on that one day I was suppose to be on a podcast and patience is a virtue when it comes to that especially. 

                So podcasting can be and is very stressful at times and yesterday proved it cause Skype is dead to me, I'm done with it and yes I am showing my frustration with the platform and app. So where am I going with this post? Podcasting is a ton of work both behind the scenes and on the air. Plus updating the software with the proper graphics etc. Then editing the audio for release on Audio Only. However it is worth the long, long hours and I've become accustomed to the long hours and it takes a lot of dedication and time too. I am proud of both podcasts and how far we've gone with the podcast. That is the blog for today, I will talk to you on Monday as Kels is taking over the blog tomorrow so have a great weekend, talk Monday!


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