Monday, February 5, 2024

Feeling Frustrated...

            I am feeling frustrated that people insulted my now former Graphic Designer and Community Director as she's decided to resign but that could change but not the point I want to make. To outright insult my staff's work, I've never seen Kelsie so upset to a point she's done with ChrisBOnTheWeb Media. Hoping in a few days when things calm down she will reconsider leaving as she's been with us for 6 long months and has done amazing work and has the best repour with this community as you guys absolutely LOVE her minus one or two people.

            I've honestly never seen my Staff so upset that they would give up this dream. I mean she's been with us for 6 months means the world to the rest of us. She's part of this community and family and we want her here forever. I want to point out that we will not tolerate bullying, insulting and disrespect in this community. On the bottom of our website we have a Terms of Use that needs to be followed. We have had too much drama in the last 4 years that this year we are NOT going to tolerate crap anymore. Consider this a warning and we do not want to warn you again but there is a terms of use even thought it's hidden at the bottom maybe I need to talk to Jim about moving it to the side bar too perhaps, plaster it all over the website. Anyways the rant is over, I will talk to you all tomorrow! 


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