Friday, February 2, 2024

End of The Week Updates [02-02-2024]

             This week has been full of craziness. Chris tried to bring back The CBOTW Show to YouTube and YouTube took away the subscribers he had which was 3 so RIP YouTube Channel. He's made it clear to stay focused on the two channels for right now, probably permanent as he's stated. He's completed both The CBOTW Show and this weekend's episode of Entertainment Man Podcast so that is out of the way for the week. 

          So this weekend Chris is going to be working on topics for Entertainment Man Podcast for the coming weeks and he has a ton of amazing ideas right now that he has lined up. Plus the guests he's got lined up as well which is very, very exciting but not sure when that is being planned. I know over the next several months Chris and Izac from FunFootball Podcast will be collaborating on The CBOTW Show which will be perfect as Chris and Larry will be done with Power Rangers Podcast OFFICIALLY. Chris has talked about the next stage of this website late Fall 2024. Hopefully by Monday he's on the next Power Rangers Seasons to continue the trek to the end game. Those are the updates, I will talk to you all next week for more updates and hopefully have a progress report. Chris is unsure if he will be live tomorrow but stay tuned for updates on the social media.

Kelsie, Community Director 

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