Saturday, September 9, 2017

My Vacation 2017- Part 2

 I know I am extremely late on blog posts lately catching up on both podcasts and blogs and planning to promote Chris B On The Web at an event but here is the last part of of my vacation, so I do apologize for the blog's delayed.


            So Day 3 of my holiday was probably one of the most hectic days for me on the vacation but was fun and a lot of exercise involved on this day. So after breakfast we went out to Bruce Peninsula National Park and trust me, had a heck of a time trying to find it, we literally passed by it and it seemed like we were heading home without our tent which was back at camp. Don't worry we ended up turning back around and very quickly and headed back north towards Tobermory. We were worried we weren't going to find it, so we planned on going back getting the stove to do lunch at Singing Sands Beach, however we managed to find the Bruce Peninsula Park. What was good about the park, as you know we just celebrated Canada's 150th Birthday this year and a day pass was free of charge so was so nice of the government to do that for us Canadians. However we had a time limit between 7 and 11 am to be at the Grotto and usually we do not spend a lot of time at the grotto, usually an hour at the most. The water at the Grotto, my body went into total shock and found it hard to breath at times swimming around. We found a frog hanging out on the rock I tried to pick it up but it hopped between some rocks. 

          After the Grotto and we went back to the car we went back to the camp to grab some lunch, followed by that we to Singing Sands Beach to hike and look for Rattlesnakes which we did not see any snakes compare to several years ago, probably since I was still in college at the time. So in total by the end of the hike we have accumulated 5 KM in total for our hike. Was very rewarding to hike that far in a day! Plus my weight maintained at 220 pounds and one of the reasons there hasn't been monthly updates on my weight loss progress as I have maintained at 220 or gone up a bit. So back to vacation talk on this blog, we went for a swim and was really more dunk your head under and get wet as the sand bars go from shallow to deep to shallow again, so it is hard to have an actual swim unless you keep on walking out further out which can take quite sometime.                                                                                  

          So the evening we went out to a local fish place and ordered out dinner, local white fish and chips which was sooo good. It had the skin which sealed in the flavor in the breaded fish. We sat down at the Ferry docks to eat and afterwards we sat over on the rock for a while and watched the Chi-Cheemaun come in and of course we went to town to watch it leave. The final day was the windiest day of them all and  the waves were huge as demonstrated in the picture on the right hand side of the post. I know that doesn't stop the ferry from running but the cruise boats were obviously cancelled and I took a picture of me next to one of the boats I took a cruise on when I was younger.

 So we watched the Chi-Cheemaun depart and we were on our way home with a stop at Blue Mountain for a round of mini golf and a Meathead Pizza, so it was a fun filled trip and it truly felt good to be home and its been hard to come back to all of this but slowly re-adjusting to things again. One last picture below is the mini golf course I played, it was quite a challenge too!

Have a Great Night!


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