Sunday, September 3, 2017

I'm Back From Vacation!

            After 4 days of being away, I am back home! I do refreshed and raring to go! Despite recent drama the day I return home from holidays an old friend from decided to turn on me, but whatever I got plenty of friends. Only broadcasting friend that is left I have is Santiago at the moment.  Anyways I am now back and in this blog I am going to talk about the trip to the shortest extent as possible, however I am putting it into 2 parts, Day 1 & 2 today and Day 3 & 4 tomorrow to split things up as it is a lot of information to put out there in a blog post!

             I left bright and early on the Monday with church in the morning followed by breakfast at Tim Horton's. Then the fun began with travel for 6 hours or a bit more. Mind you I won't bore you with the details of the travel, mainly I wrote on my pad of paper with ideas in my mind, keeping track of what I did on the trip. Read a book on the War of 1812, so it was pretty much boring stuff I did, which is very uninteresting to you guys anyways. So we were officially on Manitoulin Island and close to the ferry boat. We went on the way to our campground for the night, had a very easy dinner, chicken and potatoes which is traditional dinner we have when we go year after year.  After dinner we were out to the beach and sat out on the beach, went for a walk, had a good time. 

             On Day 2, was a big day, we had breakfast, was the quickest one ever, we cleaned up and went for a walk on the board walk and some some murals in town. Then we packed up camp and drove on to South Baymouth with a stop at the marina nearby in Providence Bay. Once we got there, we went to a local art gallery and looked around, followed by lunch at the local restaurant, I had a triple Decker grilled cheese sandwich, small side of french fries. After that we went to the marina and the walk way and went out to the lighthouse for a peak and found a rock I decided to keep that reminded me of the Flower Pots on Flower Pot Island, which mind you I cannot find it now... I went up on a higher platform and was so gorgeous! Finally we went back to the car and drove onto the M.S. Chi-Cheemaun! Travel wise it was a tiny bit rough but I didn't really care it was rough, I like to rough so to speak, ha-ha! We arrived and we got a few things from the store as we needed milk and wieners (Hot Dogs) as we were planning on having it for lunch the very next day which will be in tomorrow's blog. After that we went to camp, setup for the next 30 - 37 hours camping in Tobermory. The evening, we went on a Sunset Cruise and was so much fun and the sunset itself was absolutely gorgeous! It was well worth taking a holiday away from the podcasts, blogs and websites. Finally in Saturday's blog I will be covering the last two days on my trip and it will be a lot more fun and activities going on.  I apologize for the latest of blogs recently, I will start blogging more, don't worry. 

Have a great night! 


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