Sunday, August 27, 2017

Vacation Notice- August 28 - 31st, 2017- My Last Post For A While!

         I haven't made this official announcement, however I should of done this announcement sooner. So what is this post about? Well as of tomorrow, Monday, August 28th, 2017, I will be away for 4 days up north for a well deserved 4 day vacation. Now I am taking  vacation for only 4 days as I am in the middle of recording Everything About Reality TV and just do not wanna fall behind. 

            While I am there will be no blog posts unless my other bloggers wanna contribute to the blog while I am away but I am guessing not as Larry is my only other blogger currently on my blog right now and hes on vacation right now too so the blog is going to be on a stand still until I return from holidays . So will Everything About Reality TV as I cannot watch the show at all and unable to record episodes on the road right now so both of those will be on a stand still until I return Thursday night. Now even on a Thursday night I will not be wanting to do much in the way to bringing content out till Friday but we will see how I feel by the time I get home and unpacked and settled back in here. 

              So what does this mean for Chris B On The Web &  Well with no blogs and podcasts coming out, Chris B On The Web & the website pretty much goes dormant for a few days while I am away and please do not un-follow any of the social media, I will have a notice up on all 3 social media sites that I am currently on vacation and will be not posting at all. I've decided to stay off social media throughout the 4 days I am currently away, however I will post up an update Wednesday evening and also when Thursday comes around and I am on my way home. This way I am in direct contact with you somewhat but again will not be posting up too updates whatsoever while I am away.  

               Finally you may be asking when is the podcasts & blogs coming out to make up for no blog posts and not podcasts on Wednesday and Friday? Well I am planning on making up for not being online for 4 days, by this tentative schedule:

Thursday or Friday: Vacation Blog Post 
Saturday: 1 pm EDT: Everything About Reality TV Amazing Race Canada 5 EP # 9 RECAP Podcast.
                  8 pm EDT: Everything About Reality TV BB19 Week # 9 RECAP Podcast

                 That is my announcement blog post for tonight and again please do not un-follow the social media I will be back on Thursday and raring to go to conclude this season of Everything About Reality TV Podcast and move forward with Season 4 and also add on tons of new blog post ideas I have written down. Also I will be posting briefly tomorrow on social media then will be offline. Have a great week, be safe and I will talk to you all Thursday.


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