Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Had A Dufus Moment Last Week! | Frustration Like Crazy Last Week!

Well last week was a major dufus moment and one hell of a week for me as I thought it was 000webhost servers that was giving issues, well at first it was their crummy server, then I reset the site entirely hoping it would come back online, but it was a minor step I missed that was the cause of the root of the problem this entire time! Now blaming my domain provider wasn't the right answer and I've already manned up to the mistake. Honestly 000webhost is making it so hard for use the website owners to operate the website. I am still vouching to what I said on Twitter back on the weekend which is I am still planning to get a full on package with the domain whether it is with HostGator when I renew or GoDaddy or some other domain provider website. I got a year and a half to decide where I am heading with the future of chrisbontheweb.com But this brings me into my next point which is you can imagine over the course of the last year and a half how much frustration I have been through within the website, trying to maintain it and also keep it online for more then a freaking week! Now since my site is back the views are not as good grinding around 22 views per day, however it is starting to get the viewership back, my more biggest concern at this point of time is the lack of communication within my team, my staff who volunteer their time to help me with the success of running ChrisBOnTheWeb. Just yesterday, I ended up letting go of one of the 4 staff I had. At this point I am cleaning house and as April 1st of this year, one more will go if this chat doesn't move anywhere which at this point it hasn't and has been at a full stand still for almost an entire year. I waited a whole freaking year plus for this chat to be done and has it? Nooo always excuses made or arguments made over it. Yes I understand it takes time but they said it wouldn't take more then a year and all I have seen is the login main screen of the chat that's it. So as of April 1st like I said I will be letting them go as their was no communication made since January and the dream of bringing my podcasts back live will not be happening anytime soon.  I feel for you guys and the frustrating levels of a site that isn't working half the time, however I appreciate the patience and positive feedback you guys have given me when the site has been online. That always put a smile on my face and right now as I am typing this I got a bit of a grin on my face as I am very very happy with the positive feedback and pep talks you guys give me on Twitter. I am very grateful to have you guys as a fan base and grown so much since the move to podcasts last summer. I have almost doubled from the 1500 I had last summer and hopefully I will hit 3k by the summer and I sure think I will. 

Have a great Tuesday!


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