Thursday, February 23, 2017

Why I Watch Reality TV!

There is really a lot of reasons why I watch Reality TV and why I love it! The first of all is the strategy behind certain shows such as Survivor, Big Brother US and Big Brother Canada. They lying, the backstabbing, the strategy behind it all. Being in a house for 70 or more days or for Survivor 39 days on an island trying to survive the elements while competing as a tribe and individually, also voting out a tribe member 3 days apart! Also I got to know quite some memorable faces, Rob C, Boston Rob, Russell, Tony and so on! What I am trying to say is I love to watch such amazing characters develop each and every season of Survivor. Some seasons I am shocked to see a big move being made where a player is sent out of the game either before Jury or when the Jury has started. Also I love to see and hear the final tribal council each season to what the jury has to say whether it is a statement or someone is really pissed off for being back stabbed in the game when they made a deal or not.  

Now Big Brother, whether it is the US or Canadian version, I love the alliances that are made from Newport, The Chop Shop, The Brigade, The Sheyld, The First Five, Chilltown so many Alliances have either done well or crumbled fast or gone a long way but was broken up at some point of the game it is so amazing to watch Alliances succeed or fail. Also now adding a chance to get back into the game which really twists the game up. Also especially Big Brother Canada, the funny moments especially with Talla's 191999 meltdown will go down as the most memorable moment in Big Brother Canada History.

Next is Hell's Kitchen, now you will say its not cause of Chef Ramseys constant yelling and cursing is it? Of course not! I like to pick out the strong crop of chefs and go with them for my picks each and every season, yes I do yell at the TV screen quite a lot when someone gives Chef Ramsey Raw food or over cooked. I do complain a lot about the attitude and the way the chefs treat each other but that is about right for me to say something.

Finally The Amazing Race US and Canada, I love watching the places they go, the places they visit and see on each and every season. Also the UTurns are amazing to watch whether they use it or not, I like to see the looks on the faces and makes me think, if I were on the show, would I use it or not? Would depend really. But watching Reality TV sure makes me think what will happen next and who will be the next to go, also who I would like to see go next.

Have a great night guys!


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