Saturday, February 25, 2017

Update On The Re-Build of Chris B On The Web &!

First of all I had one other blog to post but I can put that on hold till tomorrow because I really want to get this post out on an update. As you guys know ever since departing YouTube it has been a hard to rebuild the website from the ground up. Also having to deal with problems with my team, it hasn't been easy on the stress on me since two individuals no names mentioned quit last year which was the downfall of my YouTube career.

So now the changes: Even more problems have occurred recently with my staff. I hired 2 people and very little lack of communication, I ended up letting them go because of it. I have 1 more and they got warned I am pulling the plug June 1st, just so frustrated with my team not doing their role within my team at this point. So Staff here at Chris B On The Web isn't all smiles and laughs but it is slowly coming together. But with the change in staff once again, I think the 4 of us can handle what needs to be done and the Staff seems more steady now then it has been for in the last week. Now as you guys know, I've had my share of issues with Over the last month with it being up and down quite a lot. First it went down for major work to be done, I brought it back online in time for my podcasts to growing once again. Then of course the website went down once again due to a server issue which isn't surprising to me at all. The 000webhost servers has it's own issues once and a while but the site itself is back up and running and is running nice and smoothly now.

So between site issues and staff issues, it has been a busy last month and I ensure you everything is alright and I know the problems have been resolved and slowly making a plan to what I would like to do with ChrisBOnTheWeb and I got a meeting with Staff this upcoming week to what I would like to do. at this point. Finally I would like to say thank you for your patience through this tough growing pains of my website and Chris B On The Web and I think we are on the right track right now. 

Have a great Saturday!


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