Monday, May 15, 2017

Starting To Doubt....

                   I am usually pretty optimistic with things but recently in the last week with having nothing but website problems, yes has been down for the second time in a week and it's nothing to do with my provider where I bought the domain it is more along the line 000webhost the web builder I use to build on and trust me I have been looking for alternatives but there is one I would like to use but I would have to learn HTAccess and without Chance to guide me through it as hes ignored me on Twitter and stopped being active with Chris B On The Web, he has been no help currently and I do not know much about HTAccess currently. But getting an ideal idea how to do it slowly but going to do another test site to make sure it works fully before moving everything over to that provider. This would mean emails for my website that I use to use would be back in play and I would for now retire however at this point I gotta be patient and if I cannot figure out HTAccess then I gotta deal with these server problems until renewal of the domain which is in November 2018 of next year.

              I know what your going to say it is frustrating and I hear you guys. Myself I am clearly frustrated with the lack of uptime this year, my site has been down more then has been up and running but I gotta work with what we have with currently and just deal with this minor 12 hour outage. Again I would like to thank you for your patience through this rough 12 hour downtime with the website.


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