Friday, May 12, 2017

Everything About Reality TV Finale's Weeks (May 14th & May 21st, 2017)

                   It is that time of year again, Finale's will be coming up back to back weeks and i wanna announce the schedule/special guests scheduled for the Reality TV Finale's for #EverythingAboutRealityTV if there is any scheduled or not.

May 14- 20th, 2017: Big Brother Canada 5 Finale Week:

May 18th, 2017: Everything About Reality TV- Survivor Game Changers RECAP- No Guest, On My Own.
May 19th, 2017: Everything About Reality TV- Big Brother Canada 5 Finale RECAP- Special Guest In Studio, Larry Rieck
May 20th, 2017: Everything About Reality TV- Amazing Race 29 RECAP- Special Guest In  Studio Guest In Studio, Larry Rieck

May 21st - May 27th, 2017: Survivor Game Changers Finale Week:

May 25th, 2017: Everything About Reality TV- Survivor Game Changers Finale RECAP- No Guest, On My Own

May 28th - June 3rd, 2017: Amazing Race 29 Finale Week:

June 1st, 2017: Everything About Reality TV- Amazing Race 29 Finale RECAP- No Guest, On My Own

                         That is the timetable for the upcoming few weeks with Finales coming over the next few weeks and what to expect on the podcast and who the guests or guest is for the remainder of the Winter/Spring 2017 Schedule and I will be announcing in the coming weeks the preview podcasts when I will be releasing the 2 of them once I know what the cast is for both Big Brother US 19 & Amazing Race Canada 5 is out!

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