Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Why I Want To Return To Baseball?

           I know this sound completely nuts to be saying this and I know I haven't played ball in years since I have had my share of knee problems over the last couple of years but you gotta give me credit that I wanna play again before I become to old to play the game I love to play. I wonder how rusty I will be but I have the batting cage to go to if I indeed to decide to get it another shot to make sure I can still hit a softball as the last time I played was 2013 or 2014 and that was the year when the knee problems came back and the last year I ever hit the ball. It was a great year for me in the way of hitting the ball and if I can hit like I did then, I'll have a great ball season again. 

             If your wondering who I am going to play with? Well a men's league as I have decided to not return to Special Olympics after 10 + years with them. Reason? I need a change of pace and there are people who seem to have a beef but there is very few friends who I am still connected with from Special Olympics and are friends with still to this very day. Let's just also say over the years I was involved, there was drama, I just got sick of and joining a men's or mixed team will be a nice change for me and meet some new people and never know maybe a friendship will be formed? Never know! I believe since this is a league there are not as many tournaments to go to or no tournaments at all so it will be easier for me being in a league instead. 

              Yes, I know there is a risk with my knee going out or with me hurting the right knee where the original injury was from years ago from being hit by the ball which mind you it was very painful and I struggled to get off the field as I needed to take a break to shake off the pain. Ever since it's not been the same and it's affected the way I play on the field or on the bowling alley as I played both sports at one point but I am willing to take the risk and hurt my knee and if it ends up needing knee surgery then be it but you guys cant say I didn't really try my hardest to play ball again after being off for several years now and I know a lot of you will tell me why not retire and live the rest of your life with the way the knee is right now but again this is my choice and I am happy to give this sport another shot even if it risks my poor knee in the the process.


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