Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Is This Is The Permanent Site for Chris B On The Web?

          I hate to use the word hate and also to bring bad news to you guys and I had something more on the positive side to talk about but will wait till Friday as tomorrow I have an announcement to make as next week I will not be here 4 out of the 7 days. But today's post is not so happy news. As you know, the last 4 months has not been the easiest last 4 months for me as there has been non stop problems with running a website and I've tried, time and time again to re-build and repair the website and at this point, I am just tired of trying to fix a website which one issue becomes a new problem. 

             The one problem that really ticks me off is the web builder works half the time and when it doesn't work it gives me that false virus message from my anti virus. Hostinger is connected with 000webhost and started thinking twice about renewing for another 2 years  and I think my mind is now made up at this point of time, I will be letting the domain expire and move on and just use this blogger page as my main page with the links on the podcasts pages will do for now and never know, I may explore the option of a website in the nearby future but right now, I have decided, I have had enough of websites at this moment and this is what I need to do what is best for me in the long run.

              Chris B On The Web is not dead, just end of an era with the .com website as the last 4 months has been hell and back and is done at this point. Don't think just because the website is not operation everything goes on hold. No secret I am still looking and trying to resolve any unresolved issues I may have with the website and I will not give up, I will trumiph this blasted website issue. There is no secret, I was going to be a bit more negative but held this off most of the day but glad I did as I have time to think things through before bad mouthing 000webhost and I finally learned I gotta keep my mouth shut sometimes, it does get me in trouble sometimes... LOL... 


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