Saturday, July 7, 2018

Did I Enjoy Filming The Entertainment Man Talk Show?

              Did I enjoy filming or taping The Entertainment Man Talk Show???? Well this is quite a tough answer to give as you know, I had my up's and downs with the series, however that is not the right answer to give you guys. Yes I did enjoy filming the show and I know what you guys will say, weren't you mentally exhausted from the series with the planning? Yes of course, however I enjoy the actual filming end of the production, that is the more fun part of taping an episode, but planning and editing that has a stressful aspect of it, not so much. 

               The reason I loved to tape episodes was because of the craziness, the comments made, tons of cursing going on, we were always laughing on set and things that my staff and crew did that I never expected to see or said on the set. I admit season 2 the cursing was completely out of control but the viewership went up with the amount of cursing and with me bleeping it out. The moment Eric or myself cursing, it sure brought up the views on YouTube and the subscribers, it grew. There were moments where we kept on taping, capturing the moments of mistakes made on set. I admit the time I was tripping over and falling that was staged obviously as it was for mere entertainment.

                Being on set was so much fun with my team, expect the unexpected with being on set... Always not expecting what my team would say or do, so that was also fun to expect the unexpected on set. I will never forget any of the fun experiences on set and it truly has taught me what set life is like and the process I go through each and every time we shot an episode of The Entertainment Man Talk Show!


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