Friday, July 6, 2018

You Need Patience With Podcasting

             I had a moment last week, where I was ready to give up on podcasting, I had no views on my podcast whatsoever and I was ready to just close up shop but come the next day the views came in and I was like whoa. I even checked it out this and I had more and I have to realize, I need to be patient with podcasts as it is indeed summer time and people are going to be outside till almost dusk basking in the sun and enjoying the nice weather, well hot weather here in Ontario technically but you guys know what I mean by that anyways. I need to realize not everyone will see my tweet or message out to everyone that an new episode is up as again, people have lives too. 

                I know I get the good viewership each and every episode that goes up and Amazing Race Canada  Heroes Edition did well yet again. You guys again this season have graced my presence with nothing but positive feedback and listening to polls. I know sometimes I am not a very patient person but I am working harder to be more patient and I shown it not only with podcasting but with the re-build of which this is probably the only time you will hear me mention that problematic website. 

                 Anyways the other thing and last things I want to mention in today's blog post is the fact you need to be patient, especially when you are having Audio or Video issues, you need to remain patient, calm and cool and trouble shoot the problem at hand and you will get through the problem or problems. Also with editing the Audio ONLY side of things, you sure as heck need to remain patient with editing, it is a very long process with editing, especially the Big Brother Recaps which tend to run a bit longer then any of the other podcasts I do on Everything About Reality TV so remember, patience is key or patience is a virtue, because it will get you through all the stress. 


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