Monday, January 8, 2018

Why went down!

               Well on Sunday, January 7th, 2018, went down completely and this is due to  000webhost website going down but also their web builder does not publish whatsoever and I don't know if Zyro whom is the web builder 000webhost relies on knows about the technical issue. But as of right now is down and I got no clue which direction I am heading with the website 

                 But all I know I am looking forward to the moment of leaving 000webhost and changing up the website my website is on, however, I need to let the domain run out. If the web builder doesn't start publishing, I will more then likely try to find an alternative for now or stay focused on the blogspot for the blog, Audio ONLY for Everything About Reality TV Podcasts. As you do know, I need a website to host interviews on, however that is virtually impossible due to the web builder not publishing whatsoever or always giving me problems constantly. I do hope you all will be patient with me during this really tough times my website is having, but I know you will be supportive during this very stressful time for me.  also I need to have patience during this stressful time and let time pass and before you know it, they will fix the web builder and we will be back in business again. 

                 So what am I going to do while this happens? Well as long as I am able to save all the work I have done, I will fix the bugs on the website until the web builder is fixed from not being able to publish. Also the podcasts and blog posts will continue as usual. It will just be on one less website and by now you know I put the blog from my blogspot on via a html code, as there is no blog app on the web builder so this the best I can do for now at least. But everything will go as normal until this website issue is fixed and I ensure it will be fixed. It has been months since the last outage which was back in October, so it has been a solid running website for almost 2.5 and I know they are trying their best to run a solid website service and I am thankful for being a part of 00webhost for the last few years.


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