Sunday, January 7, 2018

Need For Speed Pursuit First Impressions

           I have decided once a week that I will do a gaming first impressions when I start a new video game that I have purchased, but if their is no first impressions of video games, I won't post but if I got several of them, then I will obviously will post one every week and talk about what I thought about the game out of first impressions of the game.

            Now on to the first impressions of the video game I have picked for this week. I chose today to post is Need For Speed Pursuit and for those who didn't know I have played Need For Speed World when it was an online game for free but obviously they shutdown the servers 2 years or so ago, so now I was without Need For Speed in a video game until I got NFS Pursuit and also Need For Speed SHIFT and I will do a First Impression next week at some point of the week. Now at the start of playing this game, I had no clue what the heck how to play, the buttons to hit the gas pedal to move the car which affected me in the race especially when I should be trying to keep up with the other racers in the game. However once you learn the gas pedals buttons on the keyboard as I am playing it on the PC, it is not that hard, however I prefer to use my game controller instead and I can race much easier with my remote controller. I do admit it is completely different from Need For Speed World but I like the video game though as  a whole because it has both elements that NFS World has, racing and also cop chases both as the crook and as the cop which is pretty cool and it is a big difference from the other Need For Speed I have played in the past, more cars are added and you get pretty decent cars at the start which helps me a lot but you unlock more as you go further and further in the game so this time your not spending any game money you earn on the video game but its more into the points system you unlock and able to use other and even better cars within the game!

             So what would I rate this game out of 10? Definitely a 10/10, its easy to learn, easy to understand through the game and its fun and exciting to play for hours on end and plus you can chose which ones you play as you unlock more and more tracks as you go on in the game!


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