Saturday, August 18, 2018

The .com Website is DONE!!!! No more 000webhost!

           I've had it with 000webhost for the very last time! My site, once again very much built and ready to release and yet again they either suspend my website or they made the website temporarily unavailable so I am going back to the original plan and sticking to the blogger page and eventually it be a .com website down the long road. This means the podcast will not be directly uploaded to here as it is a lot of information to post up on a small blogger page. But the Podcasts will be linked to here. However when it comes to the collaboration podcast will be on it's own page on the blogger page. I will be tinkering around with it over the next couple of days. The bad news, I have to re do the flyer for Autism Celebration which that was my original plan but it is a bit delayed now the fact I need to tinker as I am now needed to get this page ready as I am planning for a release in the next week from now so it is exciting as it is exclusive content. Also adding in interviews page to the blogger to the page here as well.

               So this means I have to tinker with this page a bit to add in the 2 extra pages but that's OK, it's better then putting in code after code into the website which took me hours and days to deal with so this is the better plan. Probably some yo, yo, reported me again and I honestly have my suspicions  who could of reported it but honestly I am sick of this crap, time and time again of losing my website after working so hard on it. I am better off with this website honestly as it is over 12.5k in views recently, a lot more then what I was getting on the .com website. Don't sweat it, I will be bringing it back in 2019 when I plan on renewing the domain under Google instead as I think this is the more logical thing to do. So for now this is what is to happen but again the podcast links are linked on the Everything About Reality TV Podcast page and you can find where to listen to the podcast each and every week when I post a podcast up on the feeds. I think this is easier for me and less stress on me. If requested I can post em up on a post on the blog but I am sure you guys are very much content. Finally be sure to subscribe or follow the blog and the page for on going content and updates on here and welcome to Chris B On The Web on Blogger!


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