Friday, August 17, 2018

Website Grand Re-Opening Announcement

          So this is the announcement, you have been waiting for, the actual date for the Grand Re-Opening of I wanna say first, I was overwhelmed with the amount of viewers on the website, I thought you guys were going to crash my website entirely! LOL. But no, it went smoothly and ran smoothly throughout the entire day. Actually I left the website up late for those out in the west coast so they got a chance to see the website up and running and checkout what changes I have made to the website so I was being nice in that regards so those who didn't see the site who are 3 hours behind EST get that chance to actually see it. I am so proud of what the site looks like now to this day to see and I am so excited to re-open the site and incorporate it with the content you guys see to this very day. Yes this means collab podcast will be coming out soon and will be announcing it very, very soon to when that is coming out for you guys.

               The Announcement part of this post. This Monday, August 20th, 2018 at 6 pm EST, will be officially be re-opening and will be fully up and running for here on out. I plan on to continue for a couple of day later to monitor and make sure things are running smoothly but so far, so great it is running fine for right now. I cannot wait for you guys to utilize the website again and see other content that I am bringing to the website. Yes, as you probably realize The CBOTW Show is not around anymore, I have officially cancelled the podcast and Everything About Reality TV is the only podcast now. So with that the Power Ranger Talk is now a collab podcast and is a exclusive content and I am happy I made this decision.


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