Sunday, August 19, 2018

So Frustrated With My Site Issues

               I am so frustrated with the fact my .com has failed time and time again. However, you have to remember, I have had issues with 000webhost from the start since I found them on the internet, so that doesn't help with any of the on going problems I have had. Since I got the .com website and I am glad the re-build of Chris B On The Web isn't done. It's been a long 2 years but still got tons of stuff still to do before the rebuild concludes and we are in full on site. What is my plan moving forwards, I will get to that shortly in today's blog post. I think leaving 000webhost at this point of time probably is the best move for me and honestly, I should of done this sooner to be honest as it's been nothing but a headache for me in the last while and I need to take more action and faster as it is not only frustrating for me but it is also frustrating for you guys the fans. I do understand  your frustrations with the site and I probably out of all of the 3500 + of you guys, I am the most frustrated as I am the one that deals with the website behind it all.

                Now the plan moving forward is to keep the free website for now for a while while the domain is currently active and in use, I need to let it expire before putting the .com on this website, yes I will be bringing it back and I want to use the blogger page as the main site, it has the blog, the podcast links, and a schedule and contact page in case you guys need to get a hold of me for any reason related to Chris B On The Web. However it has been the hardest decision, where to go next and what I wanna do with Chris B On The Web. I had a plan to release the collaboration podcasts but I just do not know how that is possible at this time and where I would release it and if the planning for the next one will happen anytime soon as you know I had plans to continue them but at this point, not so much... That is the biggest disappointment as Larry and I really did so well on them and we had such a great time recording them for you guys but now, you do not get to hear it. I have it saved on my external hard drive with all the other podcasts I've done over the last 2.5 years. That is why I said on Twitter, I've considered quitting my podcast all together but yet again, I do not want to let Larry down as he's actually enjoyed doing em as a guest host here and there and also guest starring on Everything About Reality TV as well as he is the one that helped me found it from the ground up. 

                    I can say this now, Everything About Reality TV is not going anywhere, anytime soon. It is not going off the air anytime soon is what I meant. I have every attention to continue with the podcast till there is no Reality TV shows left to cover! LOL. However I am disappointed that I have no way to release the collaboration without no longer up and running at this point as I have wasted my time re-building and re-coding it from scratch. I feel bad that I have not only wasted my time on the collaboration podcast but Larry's too as him and I could of used that time to hangout and spend time with him and have fun but it's 000webhost side, they don't want me there, that's their decision. Google and Blogger has been gracious enough to have me in this community and I plan to stick to being here.


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