Monday, August 20, 2018

I've Broken So Many Promises Anymore (I'm Sorry!)

            After all I have been through, I just cannot keep my promise for CBOTW anymore... I've broken too many of them this year. I promised a friend I'd do an interview with them for their Special Events and Highlight them on my site which now I have no website no at this point as the web builder I was with took it down again for the second time in the same month as well. The next thing I have not kept my promise is putting up the collab podcasts which were completed a month ago and have been since edited and ready to post but as you know I do not have my site to put it on... How on earth am I suppose to put it up on here if I do not have the space to put it on. I have a small template to put it on unless I put one under another that could work. Anyways the promises, I wish I can fix and get things back on the right track for you guys... 

             Still waiting on getting my account cleared of all the content that I have on there. I need to start fixing my promises as I haven't been good to keeping em right now, I need to sit down with my friend and do that interview even if the studio is a train wreck right now, with holes which needs to eventually needs to be repaired down the road. I need to figure it out but Got a couple of ideas how to do it so I want to fix whatever trust I have broken with you guys as I made a bunch of promises that are now broken at this point of time. I promised a website to you guys that isn't happening at this point well till next year. What is planned? Well over the next couple of days I will be making posts in regards to the recent things that have gone on and I will be doing a scheduled timeline how things will go so slowly we will be getting back into the topics I had as depression started to set back in on me but this morning, the mood is still not better but slowly I am working on feeling better. 


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