Tuesday, August 21, 2018

The Future Of ChrisBOnTheWeb.com?

             I have been dreading this moment for a very long time as you know the .com has been a real pain and I cannot wait till I get away from my current provider and start out with a fresh start with the site. What is the plan you may ask? Well I am planning to wait out the expiration of my current contract with the one provider and moving it on over to Google completely! That's right one website this time around, no worries about problems with the website going down or them taking it down again. The web builder provider I had wasn't the greatest and I have had my issues. One website, less headaches to worry about this time around. What you currently see on the page here now is pretty much what you will see when the .com is added back into the rotation. SO all that negativity about I wasted money on the shirt, it wasn't a waste of money. Like I said in the previous posts the interviews and collaboration podcasts will be added to the page here so it will have a ton of information and content for you guys to listen to and read! The schedule is still the same when it was on the old site that will not change, it's just on a separate page technically. 

                   Only thing there will be no main page like it was before or Everything About Reality TV having it's own feed as it would be quite hard to maintain and there is a lot of episodes that I have, 141 episodes in total as of today, 142 tomorrow. But anyways, smaller projects will be on here. I wanna go smaller scale this time around then what I had before. One good thing is with this page I can add other bloggers like my former staff/alumni Larry to the authors list which I believe hes still listed at this point, him and I haven't spoken or tried to get him setup to blog post which I will be working on as of this fall. So once the domain expires I will add it to this site I have now and we will be back in full operating order like we were before. It is a short few months but I am not worried about, all I am worried about is gaining your trust back as I have broken promises I need to fix and fix fast. Honestly with my .com site reported, I dunno the future of the website.


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