Thursday, August 2, 2018

I've Been Hiding Things From You Guys (The Truth Is Out!)

                I have not been overly open and honest with you guys in the last week and a half with what is going on in my real life and in the last week and a half my life has changed so much. My cousin in the states passed away recently and it's been a hard time for me over the last while, well I've been OK up to yesterday when it caught up to me my Cousin is no longer with us. It hit me when I was at the mall as I let my mind wander it finally came to me she was really gone from the world. So my mind hasn't been all there recently and I owe it to you guys to know the truth that I've been dealing with personal issues as well as staying on top of working on Chris B On The Web but don't worry I will continue to give you guys the quality content as usual but there will be times I am completely silent from social media or will not post up things. I was going to take some time off from being on social media but I thought twice as I really didn't want to as I will miss talking to you guys but I am planning to stay on and deal with it at the same time.

                  It will be a hard next few months to a year but I know you guys will be there to support me through this difficult time and I can't stress it enough but thank you! Thank you for being there in the last 4 years of this crazy adventure, through the thick and thin of things, you guys were there when I went through dealing with my aunts passing, now my cousins passing. I appreciate the love and continuous support from you guys and I know you guys got my back 100% and always there for me especially those who have been following me for a long time from the get-go since the start of my time on Social Media, I appreciate it! You guys will help me get through this, I see a lot of inspiring quotes on Twitter that has helped me through all of these difficult times in my life so I thank you. Finally I will keep my promise to keep on getting out content for you guys and keep on schedule and also really try to get the website back up and running but if not there is always this page we can rely on! 


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