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Thursday, September 27, 2018

St Patties Day and Card Playing Episode of The Entertainment Man Talk Show (Throwback Thursday Story)

            Decided to give you guys another The Entertainment Man Talk Show Throwback story and like I said before, I got plenty of em to give to you guys, such as this one particularly was a neat story and was a running joke in the series from season 2 and on as it made the show much more funnier and the views went up greatly on em too which is great, it was always about what you guys liked in the way of content and making sure it was entertaining as well too!  First part is the St Patties Day episode which was a fun filled episode which i actually cooked up col cannon which is an Irish dish. We actually were picking on someone we know but all in fun at the end of the day and I still yet to give Gordie that Col Cannon recipe to this day, dang it! lol. Also it was so much fun to do and I will never forget this episode ever.This day also was actually on St Patrick's Day, we scheduled the filming on March 17th. 

                The next part is the card game episode where we play and talk about playing two different card games, first UNO which is now a popular game to this very day and of course a very fun game to play as well. I believe it was UNO that we started with, had to remember almost 10 years ago since we shot that episode actually, it's... been a long time since this happened but it will be a memorable episode that's for sure and maybe I can do a post for my all time favorite episodes of this series at a later time and date. Anyways, next on my list is The Skip Bo game which both Eric, Gordie & I played a very short round of Skip Bo and of course I had to say the word s**t on camera which had to be bleeped out but still fun times as McJuggernuggets would always say. That was one of my favorite episodes during the season but to be honest that was one crazy season with 42 episodes between September 2008 - June 2009 but that is what I think. I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I miss you guys already as this is pre written and i am now in the US with Family at this time of you reading this post.