Thursday, August 30, 2018

My First Ever Flight Across The Country (Throwback Thursday Story)

                This story took place, years ago, many, many years ago. When I say many, many years ago, I mean 1992, 26 years ago which feels like a very long time and it has been a long time since I have been on a airplane and I will be breaking that long drought as I am heading out to Minnesota towards the end of September for 6 days for a wedding, which I will get into in another blog post later when the time is right to let you guys know what is up for me.  So the reason why I went on the plane in 92' was to see family, my aunt, uncle, my cousin(s).  I remember some of the trip to Calgary with my brother and parents but some of it still is a big fuzz to me at this time. I do remember being sick to my stomach from the flight so that I do remember that part of it. I remember my mom and I being on a Boeing 727, that part I do remember entirely as that is not a big fuzz. 

                 So I do have a few memories going across the country. Another memory is going up on Banff Mountain in Calgary, seeing the mountain goat as well up there and going up via the gondola as well. I remember my aunts place in Calgary very very well and the area they lived in which is incredible I have already remember this much of the trip there. Also I remember the hot air balloons I saw in the sky while in Calgary just down the road where my aunt's house was. Now going back on the 727 wasn't too bad, I wasn't sick or anything, I managed to stay sick free on the way home and I knew the trick to chew some gum while in the air. As an adult now, more then likely I wouldn't get sick now, I would have a smooth flight there and back and I cannot wait to hop on another plane again very soon!


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