Friday, August 31, 2018

My Favorite Mr Bean Episodes

  Mr. Bean is one of my favorite TV Shows out of the 2 British shows that I have watched and today' blog post is about my favorite Bean Episodes. Now this is mainly the TV Show they did first before the cartoon and movies came out obviously. We're talking about the 1990 Mr Bean Series the original that came out. So these are some of my favorite episodes and there is no particular order of the episodes I list below:

1) Mr Bean- First ever episode that came out in 1990, it consisted to Mr Bean taking an exam, also being on the beach and also goes to church. Only reason I picked this as one of my favorite as I know the hymn, All Creatures of Our God and King as those who don't know I am a catholic. 

2) Hair by Mr. Bean of London- This is the episode that Mr. Bean actually cuts hair and does a pretty nifty job to some people's hair. I love this episode as well. 

3) Do-It-Yourself Mr. Bean- I love this one where his neighbors I guess came down for New Years Eve and they switched the clock to midnight a little sooner as usual. Also he went shopping for a new chair and paint, hence Mr Bean driving his car from on top in his new chair.

4) The Trouble with Mr. Bean- Mr Bean was late for his dental appointment, so getting dressed in his car, going round and round in the round-about. Probably a classic episode in the series!

             Well, there is my list of my favorite episodes and I know it's not much but these are the ones I enjoyed the most out of the series and I am a huge Mr Bean fan and I have my brother to thank for that as he is the one that actually introduced me to the series through Bean: The Ultimate Disaster Movie in the late 1990's and the rest is history, I got into the original series, followed by the animated one as well and I heard he did more animated episodes later on but not sure if that is true or not.


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