Saturday, September 1, 2018

My Favorite Horror Movies?

               I wasn't originally into the Horror Movies till I met one of my former staff who worked along with me during The Video Projects Team ERA and he got me into them and actually their not overall bad actually. I recently started watching a series of them and saw one for the very first time which was filmed here in my hometown which is really cool actually!  So without further ado, here is my list of movies that have made my list: 

1) Psycho- I have seen all 4 movies and loved them all even tho my former staff said the last 3 weren't great but I thought it was good and it tells a story from the first movie  to the end. The last movie I wasn't expecting the creepy Violins to play like when the girl died in the movie.... I definitely got the heebie jeebies for a split second!

2) Friday The 13th- I have only seen about 3 or 4 of the movies but plan on watching all of em down the road but really did enjoy the movies and very interesting story line as well. 

3) Halloween- Again another movie that I have only seen 2 - 3 of the movies of the series and I have to catch up soon as the reboot or the next movie comes out this fall and I want to get more familiar with it. Also I found out this was Jamie Lee Curtis's start in making movies. 

4) IT- I finally after himming and hawing over wanting or if to see the movie IT, the Remake of the movie, not the original movie, I finally broke down and watched the movie back in July and it was really good, creepy with the clowns but that is the bad guy in the movie. I am planning on seeing the original movie and also seeing IT 2 when it comes out next year in theaters! 

               That is my list, it isn't much but I have plans to actually see the movie "The Shining" with Jack Nicholson, yes it's an old movie but it is a plan. I need to continue on with Friday The 13th, Halloween and also see IT so when I got nothing better to do or bored, I will definitely have a movie day, especially when we have rainy days as we are getting more rain here recently which is nice to have and it gives the heat a break for us as well but the next rainy day, I will be on a movie marathon!


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