Thursday, January 30, 2020

Was Involved In A Small Bus Accident This Week (Throwback Thursday)

              I know this isn't truly a throwback Thursday Story as it just happened but it is in the past but just happened and I know this makes no sense but I want to talk about this as it was a ridiculous situation. Anyways I did make it public I was in a minor bus accident on my travels in the city while on the bus. Now mind you I am fine, we were all fine from the little accident. It was a minor bump on the backside of the bus. What the kicker to all of this is the driver in the truck ran on the bus driver and left the scene of the accident which honestly is stupid to flee an accident scene. We knew the color of the truck that's all as we did  not get a license plate number nothing so that person got off scott free which is entirely dumb and I am sure the transit service wasn't happy the truck ran. Honestly yes it is a hit and run and they are stupid enough to do such a thing and lucky they aren't gonna get charged with a hit and run as there is no real evidence who the driver is. Anyways we're all fine and I took at the bus and hardly saw the bump but it was a minor bump nothing that the bus cannot finish it's run on the route. The kicker behind all of this it was at a stop by a Tim Horton's which is one of the busiest Timmie's in town honestly...

             I think this was the second incident that has happened when I have been on the bus and hope this is the last time. The first time I think we hit a sign on the backside of the bus. However I consider myself and the other passengers are safe and nobody has been hurt in any of the incidents that has happened in the past. Either way it's an experience that I really do not want to have. So that is my sort of more recent Throwback Thursday Story which really happened 2 days ago and I ensure you I am fine and I was a little shooken up for a while but shook it off. Anyways tomorrow's post I have a very special announcement coming out for you guys and I can say it is an announcement that you guys have been waiting for almost 8 months now and I can say while I typing this I got a smile on my face as I have been waiting to make this announcement for a very long time now. Anyways I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I will talk to you guys in the next post tomorrow.


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