Thursday, April 25, 2019

How Did The Entertainment Man Talk Show Get It's Name? (Throwback Thursday Story)

            I was talking to some of my staff that use to help me out in the past and it came to me how the heck did my now former series, The Entertainment Man Talk Show got it's name? I know this goes way before The Entertainment Man Talk Show started, actually before I discovered the YouTube platform. My friend Gordie found out I made videos Durham Entertainment Today days, he started to call me "Entertainment Man" and ever since it really stuck with me for years and yes I changed it after a while after YouTube but another story for another day. Probably about a year later after Eric quitting on me out of nowhere yet again, the talk show you guys know and loved for a good 6 oober long years called The Entertainment Man Talk Show. I just added The at the start of "Entertainment Man" and Talk Show at the end of it. Pretty much after calling it this, the rest is history and it ran for 6 long years. Hey! It was my talk show, as I was the producer, director and host of the series.

              So basically the series was named after my nickname that Gordie, aka muffler man gave me so I really have him to thank for for that as if I was never called "Entertainment Man" The Entertainment Man Talk Show probably would of never happened but I do not wanna wish that as it was a good series up to the drama at the very end but I have never told you guys how that series ever got it's name honestly. However, you now know how the show, the series I loved, Larry & Dave love how it got it's name actually. I know it was a long name for a series and was hard to hashtag on social media unless I ended up doing something like #TEMTS on Twitter but that is now long gone now and it has nearly been 3 years since the series got cancelled due to certain reasons. I hope you enjoyed today's little throwback story and it was a neat one to tell you all.


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