Wednesday, April 24, 2019

I Finally Found My Calling! (Podcasting)

             After almost 3 years of podcasting full time, I have found my calling which is podcasting. Yes I recently made the announcement about me returning to YouTube which I will address on Friday afternoon so there will be 2 extra posts today address schedule changes and this Friday addressing the big news as I have been hinting on social media for the past few days. Anyways back to what I was saying, YouTube was fun making videos, web series but honestly it wasn't me anymore and yes I am aware I am going back and I will address this in 2 days from now. But it would be different content but again I will explain. The fact I have no team now minus 2 people 1 former team member of mine and also someone new which will be addressed in the summer time at some point. However, I  am the only one that is recording Everything About Reality with some guests and of course the now popular Power Ranger Collab Podcasts that come out 4 times a year. So now I have truly found my calling and it isn't as demanding as YouTube but this season proved to be just like an off season of my old web series but I do get breaks between seasons more then I did recording The Entertainment Man Talk Show.

             I can see me doing this for years to come both on YouTube and obviously Audio ONLY and also exclusive content here on I have other ideas for even later on and been designing logos but podcasting is definitely my calling now and I am really enjoying creating content for you guys regardless and I have finally found my calling after the end of The Entertainment Man Talk Show Series and the way things ended but this was the best move I ever made. I know I have said I could of done a separate channel for the podcast but that is about to change and my alum, well most of em agreed to the decision I have made but podcasting has changed my life and I can be my true self not fake stuff like I use to at certain times and I am able to express my opinion on what is happening on the show and love doing this several times a week and yes it can be exhausting but in the end I do the podcasts not just for me but you guys too. 


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