Tuesday, April 23, 2019

What Two Dishes Do I Want To Cook First?

                So as you know this year, I have been trying to cook something new once a month as I want to learn to make some new dishes that I want to make. I think I once touched on this before here on the blog but the very next two dishes I want to make I have discussed it with my mom already. So what are this dishes? Here is the list of what I would like to make over the next two months starting next month.

1) Mushroom Ravioli- I am not a big fan of Mushrooms but I can make it small enough that is isn't as big inside the pasta. I would make the pasta dough from scratch add in the meat and mushroom and actually I think it is in an oil based sauce if I am correct but I would have to look at the recipe yet again to see what is in it. Either way I am excited to be trying out this recipe which is officially going to help teach me to cook new things both healthy and of course hearty as Italian is a hearty dish.

2) Chicken Balls and Lo Mein Noodles- I had a smaller chicken ball sample at the Chinese place at the food court in Toronto Union Station and gave me the idea to do smaller pieces of chicken with batter around it and also smeared in sweet n sour sauce. As a side dish do lo mein noodles and I got majority of the stuff ready and maybe tonight i'd give it a shot but right now we have a pile of left overs right now so it is kind of hard. However in time I plan on trying it out and I think next week I am going to make the time to even try it out.

                Anyways there is my list of things I would like to cook first and hopefully by the start of May which is only a week away to start trying to cook this dish for you guys and giving it a shot. Now I do have to figure out batter as it is different from breaded chicken so there is a difference but I like cooking as it is very relaxing for me and I find it to be a very relaxful thing for me especially after a long day in this studio as I have been spending majority of my time here lately while taking care of my mom during her recovery from knee so a good amount of my time is here in the house and the studio which is downstairs as you can tell with the photos on my Instagram. 


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