Friday, April 26, 2019

What Would I Do If Everything About Reality TV Podcast Ended?

           First of all, I hate to even think the podcast is ending as it could never end as there is other Reality TV shows, new Reality TV Shows so I know this won't be over sol quickly and end of this week, I am at my 200th episode. So I hate to really think about the idea of it ending but if it was to ever happen, then I should have a plan for the future honestly. First thing that came to my mind is the Power Rangers Podcast which will be on going for the next several years, 4 episodes a year so I do have something that I can fall back on. Larry and I are having a ton of fun with this podcast honestly and there are plans which I will address eventually but both him and I have discussed it and planning something with it down the road. This isn't overly stressful. Watch the entire season for a good 2 - 3 weeks, take notes, type em up then record, edit and release, then repeat. 

               The next thing I  could do is CBOTW Gamers Podcast. I was working on putting a format together on and off lately but working away on it and hoping to get it finished soon but if I had the choice, I would do it again on YouTube as I mentioned Tuesday, I had 0 frames dropped on YouTube compare when I streamed on Twitch a week ago and I am not trash talking just talking the truth about it and wish I took a screenshot to prove it to you but I am one of the most honest person you can meet but after the test stream on YouTube on the Everything About Reality TV channel but I can go either way Audio ONLY or video on YouTube with CBOTW Gamers Podcast but it is still very much early to decide where to go at this time as it is currently in Pre-Production Stages.

                 I am not looking at starting anything new myself but I do have a staff member working on a podcast that they will be hosting and is part of the Chris B On The Web network but more information to come later on that. At least I do have a plan for after Everything About Reality TV but yet again, I cannot say when it ends but it has came to my mind many times to what will happen but now I can officially say I do got a plan under way and think it will be a great idea plus something new is coming to CBOTW this summer but more details to come later.


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