Saturday, April 27, 2019

Menu Bar Update.....

                It is time for an update and honestly I have hit a snag in the road. Now I got the drop down to work, however, only Everything About Reality TV show and the collab tab is not showing.  It has been an uphill battle and I think it definitely has to do with the CSS code as it is not in the code itself that is build into the bar itself. I kind of put that to the side and why you currently see the old menu bar which stretches out to the right side right now but I am planning to get working on the menu but it will take me some time but it will be up and down until I figure the issue. I have an idea what is the issue but I will need to pinpoint the issue but hopefully it's an easy fix to the issue. I have already asked around and Quora might be a good place as the blogger forums wasn't much help so I am going to ask around. You have to realize this is the first time with CSS code and building something from scratch such as the menu. This is pretty intense coding I have to do but I am actually learning a lot about it too. I am a pretty fast learner too and have figured out how the heck to do things. However this is the first time, I have hit a snag in the road. I will figure it out eventually. I attached a screen shot of the issue I am having with it. Any website pros out there know why its doing this please shoot me an email via contact.

               Also the Podcasts page will be disabled as I will be using the Everything About Reality TV page which is already designed and ready to go. Also the current "Collab" page will be still active just moved under the Podcasts tab which will drop down.  Once it is completely functional then I will announce it on Twitter and Instagram when it is officially functional and ready to go I will let you guys know it is up and running. Any bugs can be reported to me via the contact page which you guys can send me an email through the contact page on this website. I honestly cannot wait to release it and it will open up the website and I want it to be more easier to navigate but I have the podcasts under one tab like I did on the original as I had it originally.  So I am trying to get back to the original roots of the website which I wanted to do but I didn't know how to do it but good old Chris (me) has done some research and have gotten places with it but that one issue so that bug has to be worked out before I release the menu. However that is where I am at with things, just hopefully it will be done by summer and the website will be complete. 


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