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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

My Favorite Moment's In High School?

             This was requested by my high school friend, Darius. Today's blog post I am going to talk about favorite memories at my High School, my most memorable moment's at High School. 

1) Going over the mountain of mats in Mr Plishka's class. I got no clue, even to this day, why my own gym teacher would make us do this activity, maybe to split us up, even though half the time the team I was on, I felt like it was stacked hence we KEPT on winning every time, I know I shouldn't complain it was fun to win.

2) Going back to Grade 10 gym class bench pressing 150 lbs, maybe 155 lbs and Mr. Plishka pushing me to my limits which I didn't mind him pushing me to the max. Trust me I was quite strong after that. Maybe it's time I start lifting weight and buffing myself up again like I was in high school.

3) Wrestling a former football player, aka my grade 10 teacher... Trust me I thought I was going to take my gym teacher down, but uh I was down pretty damn fast and trust me my teacher, he is one tough cookie to take on. 

4) Playing against the teachers in a teachers vs. students game in Grade 10, once again I believe where I signed up to play against the teachers and they asked me to compete against them. The game was close but us the students kick the teacher's butts! 😛

5) Performing on stage with the hot stage lights. Well I wanted to know what performing on stage with hot stage lights is like and trust me its hard and it's hot! I wore, or had to wear a hoodie for the performance and it was so hot alone under the lights, it was hard to focus on the performance but I managed it no problem. 

6) Writing a play for the drama club: I wrote a play for the drama club and it was accepted into the competition but the cast dropped out after a few rehearsals and boy fireworks went off, I went off at one of the cast members as I was extremely upset when I saw the notice on the door the play was cancelled. 

7) Co-op placement: Second placement after I was fired from the library as they just didnt like me and they were pretty miserable and didn't wanna answer a question but I got to work along with the custodians and got to see parts of the school I never seen before like the boiler room when I had to clean brushes for the classes which chalk boards, I'm sure to this day is pretty much obsolete but got to see the boiler room. Also learning to getting the damp mop ready, cleaning tables, etc. Also I was asked back after my co-op was finished in my final week or so of classes which means they loved having me help them! Also the year I had my surgery, 2003, grade 11 if I am correct, I got to do a take a student to work and since my dad was retired and wasn't allowed to do take a student to work, the custodians took me back on for the entire day from 6 am till 3 pm an entire 8 HOUR Shift!

8) Final thing on my list is the Special Olympics Track and Field from half way through high school or 2 thirds of the way through my high school career and I remember doing a trial run so they know which group to put me in and riding back in my teachers truck, before Plishka got his hummer but I have another story for another day about it!

                      Hope you enjoyed this list and I love doing these list blogs for you guys from to time. Have a great day!