Thursday, May 31, 2018

High School Gym Class Throwback Thursday Story!

           High School, feels like a very long time since the days of High School. Honestly I miss school but I am now in my adult life trying to do something with my life which recently it sure as heck hasn't been an easy life that I have had but I am trying. So today's throwback story is me talking about my days in Grade 10 Gym class and yes Mr Plishka's class. A lot of memories with that class and I have a few throwback stories to tell. This one in particular is about the time I was split up into a specific team which always won when I was on the team. 

         So every now and then in Plishka's class we would split up the class into groups of 4 or 5 of us into teams and we would play the sport that is scheduled in our current unit we are doing at the time. However everytime I was with Billy, Nigel, Joel, and maybe one other classmate too. But whenever have this particular team put together we seem to always do extremely well where we end up winning the entire time which I felt like it was always rigged but it is what it is, he is the one that put the teams together, so he's the one to blame rigging the team I was on LOL! Just kidding.  Also one of the times I actually ended up getting a shutout on one of the indoor soccer tourneys we had during the class so it proves I can be a competitive person in sports.

            Anyways regardless it was a fun class to be in, Mr. Plishka made it a fun class to be in and also he also got me to push past my limits in Gym Class, which is another throwback Thursday for next week but let me know in the comments below if you would like to hear that story in next week's blog post and I will sure be willing to tell that story next week right here on my blog.

Have a great night!

Chris "The Media Man"

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